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Default Re: Neurostar TMS Therapy

Thanks to all who gave their view on this treatment. After a lifetime of depression, substance abuse and all the associated poor qualities of life they bring, I am about to begin TMS. More than forty years of trying first generation (and beyond) antidepressants, with only ten years on a good run with Zoloft and now it's lost its efficacy. I've tried other meds with minimal, if any, reduction in symptoms. So it's very uplifting to hear your reports on TMS. After reading some psych studies on treatment resistant depression one really summed things up really well for me."Patients with major depression respond to antidepressant treatment, but 10%30% of them do not improve or show a partial response coupled with functional impairment, poor quality of life, suicide ideation and attempts, self-injurious behavior, and a high relapse rate." (per NCBI) Except for the suicide part this sentence describes my life precisely- no wonder I've not been able to do better, get out from under, get out of my own way, live a 'normal' life- all because depression has had its grip and caused me to squander my own life. You cannot know how enlightening yet how sad, angry, irate this has made me. Forty or more years of a potentially good life robbed by messed up brain chemicals. And I can't get back that time...
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