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Originally Posted by Cara8tz View Post
My daughter and her friend were over tonight when my girlfriend called. My girlfriend is down with the flu and needed some consolation. My daughter's friend told me she learned some techniques in her psych class 101 and advised me to tell my friend that I too had the flu and I was nauseous, with fever, etc. This sounded strange to me because 1) I don't have the flu and 2) why would I lie to my friend saying I had it??

My question to anyone out there is, would you lie to your friend and tell her you had the flu to allegedly make her feel better? Would she feel better if I had the flu?

I'm not comfortable lying.

what I find strange is that any psych class would actually recommend any form of deceit as a way of dealing with a situation. Sounds made up bs to me.

empathy works when it's genuine and real but most times feigned empathy can be seen through and would backfire even if you were comfortable with lying.

I wouldn't recommend it either.
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