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Default Re: I am really struggling

Originally Posted by divine1966 View Post
I am sorry. Itís really unkind of him to ghost you like this. It shows you what kind of person he is.

But Iíd say if he told you he broke up with you a year ago, he maybe doesnít consider you two a couple. It sounds that you two were not on the same page and had a bit different vision of all this. Iíd ship him a ring (if he didnít take it when he broke up with you), hopefully you have his address and be done. Iíd not expect his help with anything.

You spent so many years waiting for him. Waiting for his visits or for his divorce. Time to enjoy your life not waiting for anyone.
No he doesn't, although he said to me if he had a girlfriend it was me, he actually gave me back his ring. He broke up with me but then asked me out for my birthday months later and told me loved me just last month. I don't have his address.
Yes I waited and waited only to have my heart broken. Ironic isn't it?
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