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Default Combat vet PTSD

I have schizoaffective and that's why im on this forum. However, my brother in law was honorably discharged and, it wasn't until then, until he retired, that PTSD became a factor.

My sister, his wife, believes he has bi polar symptoms also. He doesn't interact with his family much, he mostly attends to the garage where he plays videogames alone. Recently he got in a fight where the police picked him off the streets wandering and brought him home. My sister said she didn't even recognize him at first, that's how much blood there was. Also, he lit the couch on fire, walked upstairs, and told my sister. She rran down and poured water on the couch. Why would someone do that? Also, he was driving 120mph's on the highway with his daughters int he care. Why? My sister is one of the strongest people I know and she's reaching her limit. She asked his parents for help and they refuse, which my sister is very angry about. My sister put a restraining order on him and the VA hospital is keeping him for atleast 14 days , so until after Christmas.

What's the psychology involved with his recklessness behind the wheel and lighting the couch on fire?

Any feedback would be very welcomed. I want to understand him s i can help my sister. My own ptsd was shortlived, and wasn't as intense has what he is going through.

Please help.
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