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Default Re: Decision about holiday gift

This morning her secretary called me and said that one person wouldn't be able to make it to their session, and asked me if I wanted to come then. I said yes, and I did.

Just came back from the session, and I gave her the oven mittens.

As I was waiting for her, there was this kid in the waiting room, along with his mother. The mom was also carrying something in a gift bag. The little boy's T came out before mine did, and I watched as he gave her a box of chocolates. Then I started questioning my gift, feeling like a little kid giving their preschool teacher a gift to be acknowledged.

Right about then, my T comes out and I give her my bag, and I immediately express my feelings of embarrassment. I told her exactly this, "Now I feel like a little kid giving you a present to obtain your approval". She said, "Oh, don't you feel like that. Thanks!" She complimented the bag, I said it was a bit extravagant. Once we were inside her office, she opened the bag (with some difficulty, I must point out) and said, "Oh, these are cute! Thank you!! I love Christmas-decorated things!" then we moved on to the session.

Oh well, see you January 15th, T. Have a good break!
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