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Default Re: Couch 184: Welcome to Zanzibar!

My husband had knee replacement surgery on Monday and we got him home yesterday. All things considered, he's doing pretty much as expected. They sent him home with an ice machine and anti-deep vein thrombosis cuff which are helpful. He starts outpatient physical therapy this afternoon. The doctor said the amount of deformity and bone spurring in his knee was pretty severe which is why the surgery took longer than usual, but it's amazing how much straighter his leg is now, particularly compared to the other (which will have to be replaced later this year once he's recovered from this surgery.) The care at the hospital was excellent (and we've pretty much used them all in the area over the years). Our sons have been extremely helpful and will be dad-sitting while I finish up the last 7 Christmas concerts this weekend. I spent both nights in the hospital with my husband, so it was nice to sleep in our own bed last night. He managed to sleep until about 4AM before the pain woke him up which I count as a success.

One of our pastors came to visit in the hospital and the other has called and kept up with progress on FB. Our old therapist (who we FB with these days since we haven't been his clients for ages), also wrote kind words of encouragement for my husband's recovery. Lots of family and friends and coworkers keeping are keeping tabs on him; we are well-loved and supported which is half the battle.

I will go back to work next Monday, but it is the last week of the semester and then I'm home again for a couple weeks. This week our sons will be able to help during the day. Middle son lives at home and works close by, and youngest son finished finals at college today, so he'll also be around. Daughter in law is a nursing assistant (at the hospital where surgery was done actually), and can also help out on days she isn't working. It takes a family.
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