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Default Re: Was I Insecure Here?

Originally Posted by divine1966 View Post
Regardless if this was right or wrong for them to talk daily, I still think you had to take it up with him, not her. If he is talking too much to other girl then itís something to address with him. Just because other girls contact him or he is assessible, doesnít mean he needs to respond every time. If he felt itís too much, he should have stopped. He is an adult.

In the future if you see your partner is doing something with the other woman that makes you uncomfortable, you bring it up with him, not other women. Frankly daily contact with someone your girlfriend introduced you to is excessive. Even though I said my husband talks to many different people, I canít imagine him contacting my girlfriend daily (and vice versa) , especially if he didnít even know her prior to meeting me. Itís bizarre.
I don't think that kind of interaction is normal either, even if there are some people who can tolerate that, and then I remembered that I'm me, and just because my friend, who told me I had nothing to worry about, thought it was alright doesn't mean I should have to accept that. Also, I was thinking about this last night, and I found it ironic because despite learning over the years not to go after the girl, my instinct was to go after my friend. If this kind of thing happens a second time, I told myself I'd stop and think and talk to it about to my guy (hopefully it doesn't happen again, though). Thank you for sharing your input, it gave me a clear idea on what I need to prepare for in the future ^^
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