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Default Re: I really hurt the man I love

Originally Posted by divine1966 View Post
If he broke up with you a month before getting divorced, he had no business to get engaged. He was still married. Also if he didnít see you for three years, how did he propose? Over the phone? Sent you a ring by mail? This dude is out of his mind to say the least. Itís a blessing he is gone. Do you see a therapist to help you through?
We had a long distance relationship where he would come and see me. We were engaged while he was married, which is why after 3 years of that I pushed the pause button, not the stop button, not the eject button. At any rate that is my dilemma, he claims he broke up with me one month before his divorce was finalized. Of course we continued to communicate as I had no idea he had broken up with me. I thought that was a joke because I was the one who was waiting for him to get divorced from his wife. Yes I saw several therapists to help me through. I wouldn't say its a blessing he is gone, it hurts, I miss him and I love him but there is nothing I can do to get him back. He has an aunt who is a therapist and she was treating him for his ptsd. He said something really bad about me to her so I'm sure she was instrumental in his "letting me go". He didn't even tell her he proposed to me, he simply told her I was his girlfriend. I was like, what?!?
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