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Default Re: I really hurt the man I love

Originally Posted by SorryShaped View Post
Things rarely work out like we want them to. Did you love him when you could have said it or did it feel forced? I'm sure at least something could be learned from all this. I've learned from every time I've loved someone

We were engaged and I didnít say it over the phone because I wanted to say it to him in person and he wouldnít make plans to see me unless I said it to him. Catch 22 . I donít think Iím going to love anybody else after this. Iíve loved him all along but I was frozen, he of all ppl should understand that. Now I want to tell him and itís too late although he hasnít blocked my email or social media so who knows. He did say he would be changing his number. I feel like someone told him Iím the one with the pd and he should go no contact with me. I hear he thinks Iím very unhealthy and disturbed. Itís really [emoji22]
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