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Default Re: 7 years on risperadal from top sales person to barely able to verbally communicat

hi. my story is a little bit...complicated. i started with an estimated 120 IQ. once the tranquilizers/antipsychotics hit the scene...oh man. it was party over. I had tardive dyskinesia by age 20.

im in my 30s now. im slowly tapering off Abilify. i was on it, then off, then on again. lots of psychosocial stuff. my approach has been Orthomolecular...massive doses of antioxidants and vitamins, -with- the tranquilizer. and..

i dont have the tardive dyskinesia or the stiff gait ("thorazine shuffle"). Oddly enough, my IQ estimate is now around 130something (as if they'll give me an exact number), which kind of raises questions about why it was estimated at 120 to start with and psychiatry destructive ********? I really don't know, just asking.

i want off, this time for good. my experience with it now aren't terrible, but...really, i want out of the mental health industry, too. they seem to be hell bent on destroying people.

sorry about your situation, i really am. my faith helped me thru, which may not be something many people want to hear, but...its true, for me.

i do think the vitamins help -a lot-, and its mostly standard vitamins (b complex, c, e, etc.) that one can get anywhere (except try to get natural form E, not stuff from most drugstores).

ok. again, I'm sorry, I really am.
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