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Default Re: Working Dissociative with a T

Originally Posted by snarkydaddy View Post
I started therapy again earlier then I expected, and for reasons I was not prepared for, and the original reason changed dramatically from why I am there for now.

I have had 6-7 weeks of therapy while I am waiting for a plan to be developed and a new additional diagnosis... (My diagnose currently is PTSD, which I have been in treatment for off and on in an ad-hock way due to circumstances out of my control.) In the mean time I have been working with a T to get the to bottom of my Dissociation behavior... Simply put it comes down to acceptance of things I do not like, want or need in my life.

There was a time when I had a little power over things. To change what I did not like and to create other options that did not put me in a "trap" or "confined space".My how life has changed.

I find acceptance very hard to deal with because I do not like sitting with things I can not change or alter. It makes me feel very powerless and causes me to dissociate if left unchecked. It is bad enough that it causes time loss and remembering what I did, but the bad part is how it effects those I love.

I am making progress through therapy and I am having success predicting when an event might be occurring thanks to the tracking method given to me by a therapist. And I also should give credit to the medication I am on as it really does slow me down so i can stay in a rationale state. If I can stay disciplined and not give into the feelings of being trapped and accept that I am powerless it is the belief of my therapist that these symptoms with dissipate as as I deal with the core driving force.

Has anyone else had a connection between stress/acceptance and Dissociative behavior? Thank you for any contribution you may have.

Wow! Thatís very profound and deep! I think I have the opposite problem, I canít let go of reality and sleep, Iím so hyper vigilant.
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