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Trig TMI: PMDD and new heavy periods

Has anyone had a hysterectomy with bilateral oophorectomy for either of these and/or has had a hysterectomy done at a really young age?

I'm only 30, but I have no desire to ever have children. I also can't take birth control (pills, injections or implants), as it triggers my PMDD. My PMDD is so severe it makes me psychotic and leaves me in fear of my next period. As for the heavy periods, I'm passing clots half the size of my fist 10+ times a day. I don't get a lot of pain, but it makes me VERY fatigued and I'm so heavy I can't leave the house for 3-4 days.

I don't have any evidence of endometriosis or fibroids, I had a laparoscopy done about a year ago and it was all fine, physically. My (then) gyno suggested I have a mirena put in, which I refused, because I know they're painful and I'm not sexually active with men, so I have no need for an IUD. I've debated asking about ablation, but that's useless for the PMDD.

Basically, at this point, I want my ovaries and uterus gutted because my cycles are unbearable and I'm tired of living in fear of my own body. I realise I'm young but I really do not want children (my worst nightmare, honestly) and I can't live with this for another 25+ years.
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