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Default Re: Do you hoard a particular thing?

if I like a certain cd, or dvd, I'll hoard it- I will hoard copies of it (like I may own 20 or 30 of the same, just in case one breaks)
also, I won't hoard it if it's diffrent in any way

example: if I buy a dvd of the lion king with a picture of a lion on the case, then see the exact same movie with a picture of the pridelands on it, I won't buy it- I know it's exactly the same, I know it's exact same as far as quality, but I will not buy it
since I enjoy breaking my stuff, it comes in handy owning all these copies

I also hoard empty spray bottles- perfumes, bottles of sauce, air freshener, what ever- I just.. I don't really know, do it because I can and it isn't harming anyone
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