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Default Re: Abilify and sleepiness

hi. i take...a lot more than that (Abilify)...and I used to take it in the AM. now, I take it in the PM, but I get crazy vivid dreams. Oh well...

are you on additional drugs? the 1st thought that popped in my mind was drug-drug interactions. antipsychotics/tranquilizers can boost antidepressant drug levels, for instance...and antidepressants often increase tranquilizer blood levels.

other than that, tranquilizers really aren't for everyone. if you hear voices, have a label of Bipolar I w/psychosis, Schizoaffective, Schizophrenia, etc., then tranquilizers are fairly standard, and many people find the benfits are worth the costs and risks. in other labels/diagnoses...not so much.

ok. no real, major advice...if you really need a tranquilizer, there are other ones out there, but i think sedation is fairly standard for most of the available options.
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