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Default Re: Do you hoard a particular thing?

Originally Posted by hvert View Post
I don't think of myself as a shoe hoarder, but now that I am counting them up, I have about fifteen different sets of shoes/boots. And nothing dressy.

How did you whittle down your furniture/stuff going from four bedrooms to a studio????? I find it so hard to let go.

I moved a few times. When I went from a 3-bedroom townhouse to a 1-bedroom apartment I had to do the move on my own. It was a traumatic move. I also had to give up a basement and a garage. I moved to a place with no storage.

When I went from the 1-bedroom to the son helped me and he kept saying to get rid of this or get rid of that. It was okay. But after I moved into the studio I started ordering smaller pieces from like Japanese screens and a small desk...when I already have a desk. I don't have a storage area or garage now...but the studio has ample storage. Somebody was thinking when they designed this place.
IDK. Every move is traumatic. But think about what people lost in the wildfires...they lost everything. In the end it is just stuff.

I think I might have...mmm...30 pairs of shoes, boots, and assorted other footwear...with a lot of old and new boots. I guess in a small living space it is kind of a luxary to have a big collection of anything. I also am a bit of a clothes hoarder...and clothes tend to pile up in a small space. It's an art to live in a small space. Sometimes I like it...sometimes i don't. I wouldn't want one of those tiny houses...
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