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Default Re: Impatience and Self-Hatred over Texts

I have encountered the drop off texting and ghosting so often that I assume its a common thing and that I am the oddball because I answer back right away?
I had a long distance relationship and after we broke up he got upset that I didn't text him as much. I explained that I was sorry but when he broke up with me, even though we were friends, its considered a priority change to not make him the first and foremost in my life. I had to let it go and ignore him sometimes because it was too hard on me to stay attached to him the way he wanted me to like we were still in a relationship but without the same emotional closeness and support. It hurt to not talk to him anymore...but....I just could not do that to myself.
Someday I will finally catch up with the person I am supposed to be......until then I will keep getting back up everytime I fall because I know she is waiting.
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