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Unhappy 7 years on risperadal from top sales person to barely able to verbally communicate..

My story is that seven years ago I was a top sales person in my company. I was able to effectively communicate with people and persuade them logically and emotionally into my way of thinking. I also networked a lot and met new people, my communication skills were superb. One day I thought about how i daydream a lot and thought Iíd see my doctor about it, it wasnít really a huge problem but sometimes I would procrastinate on things just to daydream. I went to him and told him and he thought it would be a good idea for me to see a psychiatrist. I go to the psychiatrist and tell her I daydream a lot she asks me how I feel while I daydream I tell her it depends how I feel but I can be happy or sad depending on what Iím daydreaming about. She asks do you hear things? See things? Believe people are watching you? Believe you can read peoples minds? Etc I answer no to all of them and tell her I just say daydream. She says okay and tells me to take this drug called risperidal that should help with it.

Iíve now been on it for several years and my verbal communication skills have been destroyed. Itís so bad that I got fired from my sales job four years ago because I couldnít communicate properly and my sales dropped dramatically. I now work as a meat stocker at Walmart, my life has been decimated and even another employee came up to me and asked if I have acute mental retardation because other workers are talking behind my back saying I do. I want to get off this drug but I think the damage is done Iím not sure if my communication skills will ever come back or if Iím doomed to be like this.

I hope no one else experiences this. If any of you have come off an anti psychotic and returned to normal Iíd like to hear about it.
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