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Default Re: Looking for accountability partners to motivate to get things done while depresse

Originally Posted by Singer47 View Post
Here we go again:

After a few good days I have been stuck for two days. What do I do to be able to have these "down falls"? How can I learn to act otherwise?

I have now read (not in detail ofcource) '71 Mindfulness exercises for living in the present moment' + 'How to live in the present moment: 35
Exercises and Tools (+ Quotes)'. I have bought "A Gentle Introduction to Beating Procrastination and Getting Focused (How to be productive, beat procrastination and achieve better focus on your work)".

For the moment I have got a few ideas. I will not allow myself to go to bed again after breakfast.I will set a a fixed time to go to bed and I will have a daily walk in the morning whatever the weather is.

I will start with my new morning ritual tomorrow (Friday):

First day with the new program:

- 07:30 Up when I hear the alarm (at once)
- Prayer
- Connect PC to power
- Recharge Mobile
- Make coffee and breakfast
- Medication
- Physical exercises for 10 minutes
- Breakfast and Lamp (light bulb) 45 minutes only
- Find an object to focus on for two minutes (Mindfulness) to make myself ready to go on with the day
- Hygiene (Focus on this activity only)
- Prepare for the walk
- 40 minutes walk
- Buy walking stics for my usual hiking tours each week
- Grocery

- Lunch
- Find an object to focus on for two minutes (Mindfulness) to make myself ready to go on with the rest of day
- Write plan for the rest of the day
- ...............................
- ..............................
- ...............................
- 22:30 Calm down before bedtime (let stressful thougts go)
- Active relaxation (use a program)
- Around 23:00 (11:00PM) hopefully go to sleep

Good hopes and wishes for all of you!
That sounds like an incredible plan! Good luck with it!
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