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Default Re: One way Xmas gifts and cards...

I think I kind of gave the wrong impression.

It isn't that I do not get anything. It is more that...I have decided to eliminate those who are not reciprocating.

As I said earlier I have one brother who sends me gifts throughout the year...they are small...often handmade (either by him or his many artist friends)...and well, he has such a wonderful spirit of generosity...he is very inspiring.

My son always sends a lavish box of beautiful gifts, including handmade. Not a big expensive thing...but put together with great care.

Finally, my childhood friend sends...treasures. And beautiful cards. And I do the same with her.

The biggest Chirstmas elf was my sister...who died three years ago. She was awesome, creative, generous of spirit. I do miss her a lot.

As far as the grinches...I have decided to eliminate them...and that's what this thread was about. Others have shared the opinion that giving should not be based on reciprocity but I guess I just don't agree with this. Especially during a year when my finances are tight.
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