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Default Re: New here, polyfragmented, no host

Originally Posted by manyinsiders View Post
We are new to this site and forums.
We have DID, ptsd, anxiety, depression and EDNOS.
we were diagnosed with Did back in the mid to late 1980s, when it was called mpd.
Due to circumstances, we went a long time with extreme denial and shame about DID and only in the last year or so have we started to really accept and deal with it.
We have a excellent therapist whom we trust, though she is not a DID or trauma specialist.
We knew back when were diagnosed that we were polyfragmented and didnít have a host, with or without our legal name.

We are looking for friendship and support as we continue on our healing journey. And we hope to meet other folks/systems who may have similar experiences. We have not met too many who are polyfragmented and or donít have a host.

Thank you for listening. Spice for manyinsiders

I don't like the term polyfragmented, I don't have a host per say. I don't have the original. We have some who are good in the world, such as work, driving, and dealing with people. And we have others who keep us save and talk to the different groups so we aren't constantly surprised by stuff. I don't think I am polyfragmented. I just don't have our original self as a part. Writing this is causing me to feel fear and anxiety. We don't talk about us.
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