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Default Re: I'm disgusted by what arouses me, any advice to start changing this?

Okay, I have a few books for everybody that feels this way about feeling disgusting. My passion in philosophy is philosophy of psychology and mind, and the psych of sex is really imperative for us all to understand.

So I suggest reading 2 books:
1) Perv
2) Sex at Dawn

75% of us are sexual deviants, it's no big deal, but we're often drawn by novelty. Also, our sexuality makes an imprint from ages 5-9 that can impact your sex life for the rest of your life. Also, our culture of sex, of what is okay and not okay is very relative and fluxes from place to place. I would say our sexuality is the most varied thing about human beings. There is no universal thing about human sexuality. Also, for those people who suffer shame and guilt, just now that the Greek myth of cupid can be a son of a ***** and strikes us when we are young and we really have no say in it, and that can have a controlling factor for the rest of your life as you pass the "imprint" stage. Sex should really be loked at amorally with a scientific lens I believe--I mean as as long as you're not hurting anyone and they are of consenting age of course.

This disgust the original poster feels is something that is very trending. The author of Perv grew up and foudn out he was gay, and this was in a time of when republicans were not just negligent of aids, but they cheered it on because it got rid of the people they hated because of some silly book (bible). To be gay was a mental disorder nearly 30 years ago! We've come a long way now with the LGBTQ people fighting like hell to get equal rights to marry and not be discriminated against.

Be easy on yourself, have some self-compassion. remember 75% of us are sexual deviants. I'm a guy, and I've never found a guy that wasn't a perv lol. Some of my best friends are into strange kinks.
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