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Default Re: Impatience and Self-Hatred over Texts

Originally Posted by TishaBuv View Post
Think logically. If you text someone with some urgent information that concerns them, theyíll get right back to you unless something prevents them.

The friend that never responded to the question about your qualities is strange. There must be some reason for the ghosting. Iíd need more information to fully understand.

Either the love interest is into you or isnít. Their ghosting says they arenít. Take it at face value and move on.

In general, texts and email should be answered in a day or maybe a week. Heck, I had one answered months later. Itís like returning a telephone message. Nobody owes you an immediate response.
Thanks TishaBuy.

As for the first person who I talked to over text, we were catching up after I wished her happy birthday (a common time for me to think of others), but then that question came a few days after we spoke. She had success with dating, whereas I've had struggled to even maintain friendships for both genders. But since I've become self-conscious particularly over meeting women, even if there's no romance intended, that's why I reached out to this person, thinking what better way to find out my positive qualities that women find in me by asking one?

I guess to clarify about my second instance of ghosting, we live in different cities, so really I guess this friend is a former crush but still have been good friends.
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