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Unhappy Re: Acceptance & Letting Go

Originally Posted by CrT0811 View Post
Letting go of pain, especially pain inflicted by those who are supposed to love us, including ourselves, is extremely difficult and if not done completely, can continue to cause us harm all our lives.

If anyone tells you they are burden away! They are obviously not human and are going to zap you and plant a clone pod in your closet.

That being is what has helped me. I practice Mindfulness meditation and have slightly altered a Reiki mantra to help me stay centered. goes...

Just for today; I will not look back into pain.
Just for today; I will not look forward into worry.
Just for today; I will project only loving energy to every living or “non” living (thing, creature, etc.) I encounter or touch.
Just for today; I will find something beautiful in all things my senses touch.
Just for today; I will be grateful for all the beauty around me.
Just for today; I know I am OK.
Just for today; I will forgive myself and others.
Just for today; I am love.
Just for today; I am brave.
Just for today; I am safe.
Just for today...I AM (insert whatever you want here. Depending on your daily goal)

One day, minute, moment, at a time.
Thank you, this does help a little in my current situation, and I will try, bc I can't do anything else. I have to accept.
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