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Default Re: One way Xmas gifts and cards...

Originally Posted by TishaBuv View Post
Yes. Itís really about several different issues. There is religion (which we wonít get into specifics about here), then there is the gifts and relationships.

Itís more control issues that continue into the holidays and throughout the whole year.

For you to be financially insecure this year, yet make a donation to charity is very lovely and says very much positive about your character.

Thanks. I am thinking that for me this year generosity of spirit is important....because I have been fairly self-centered - focused on all my problems. I think I will make a donation. It can be small. The Buddhists have a practice (oops, religion!) where you pick up something with your right hand and then drop it into your left hand... a practice in giving -- from one hand to another - to develop a sense of generosity.

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