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Default Re: One way Xmas gifts and cards...

Originally Posted by Human3284 View Post
What about just a thank you card? write them what you appreciate about them. That could be considered a gift and using the money you save can be used as helping someone else in need at this time of year. One year my uncle brought a family that had nothing to his place for our thanksgiving dinner, or like you said for those other things.

Let's take the example of my one wealthy brother. He has never sent me a birthday card, a holiday card, or for that matter even a postcard. I send him a birthday card every year, holidays cards, gifts. So what I would really like to do is send him a note saying he is a self-centered jerk. Sigh. But that isn't me. He just had a minor operation and I sent him a get well card. But really I hope that's the end of it. Starting in the new year I am not sending him a darn thing.

Okay...let's take the example of another brother. I have a brother who does not have very much in the way of money and he is always sending me little gifts. Sometimes it is just something simple like a beautiful shell he found on the beach, or a funny postcard. So this brother deserves to be thanked...and I do it...often. He is a good artist and sometimes he will send me a little watercolor. He is so thoughtful. He is proof that even when you have very little in the way of material can be generous. This brother has the heart of a king.

No more one way Xmas gifts and cards for me. I am so over it.

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