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Default Is anyone using Medical Marijuana?

I just made an appointment to see a medical marijuana doctor. Why? Two reasons...

1. I have been taking Ativan for 20 years to assist with sleep. I have now gotten it down to about 1x per week. But still, I would prefer to have a better solution as there are known memory issues with that drug. It does work though. On my medical record it says I have "insomnia" and "mild sleep apnea".

2. My sister just starting taking medical marijuana 6 months ago, and dropped an insane 40 lbs. As it turns out marijuana is known for reductions in weight (google it) and she wasn't even trying -- at all.

I just have to give this a shot.

My state recently made recreational marijuana a thing but it is impossible to get near the dispensaries (due to so many people) and it seems like the medical places have better stock and better options. Also you can buy more.

Has anyone had any experience with it? I am on my own here as I don't want my sister to know I am taking it and I don't want anyone else to.
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