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Angry So Angry and feel guilty about it

My husband was sexually abused by his older brother and his father was an alcoholic. Very dysfunctional home life growing up. Doesnít like to be touched, showed little emotion,etc. Went to counseling and while EMDR therapy did help him confront the abuse, he became even more withdrawn. Finally made the decision to divorce after 17 years of marriage. I have Rhematoid arthritis and gained weight the last couple of years. Finally starting to feel and look better after losing 23 lbs but now I feel myself getting so angry at how unsupportive and cavalier he has been about situation. Any advice about how to get over the anger would be appreciative. I feel like I put up with so much of his issues in marriage for so long and now itís like he is a stranger. Should mention that he still sucks his thumb while sleeping, is a sexsomniac, and just found out he has the testosterone levels of an 85 yo so candidly he is no great prize. Donít know why I feel this way as I donít love him anymore and definitely donít want to get back together. Sorry for the length of this post. Clearly needed to vent.
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