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Default Re: New here, polyfragmented, no host

Originally Posted by cavaliers View Post
Welcome. Mind if we ask about not having a host? Just don't answer if it's too invasive. We've had times when a host hasn't come forward to be command & control. But when that's happened it has been pure chaos. Nothing is taken care of from simply eating or laundry or appointments...nothing. The term polyunsaturated is not used here in the USA.
Would you mind explaining more?
My name is Juniper.
Iím not sure I can answer...Iím not often awake or around or whatever. But Iím here now. I think all of us experience a fair amount of confusion and chaos. I think there are a number of internal managers who help with things like keeping appointments, eating, dressing, keeping track of money. But there are often glitches as far as I can tell. Itís a day to day effort.
I believe thatís perhaps why Spice had posted here?
I know there are places for journaling, notes are left, alarms set to remind, posters on the walls.
Sincerely, Juniper
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