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Yesterday I talked with a great friend. She told me to think to the mud Iíve been in the last 12 months, and if I really could accept in my life a person for whom it would be better if I died, if I would love a person who hurt me in a such way (so much and so badly).
I wonder if I will pass my life thinking about it, and wondering how was it possible he hated me so much. There are no answers, Iím sorry.
And it is easy to say that only with my will Iíll go pass this struggle. Itís only my will, easy to say. I have the will, but not the force.
I feel as I was looking my home burning. Yes, it happened, but I canít believe, I canít realize. Iím feeling like Iím looking to my life as through an open window, from the outside.
I think Iíd like only to sleep and forget.
Iíve always been so strong. Now Iím weak and Iím going to be ill.
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