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Originally Posted by s4ndm4n2006 View Post
it's a slow process and something that you cannot rush. Thing is to work on focusing on yourself, good things in your life even when it doesn't seem like there's much, work on it. I have been through being left by a spouse and for me it was a full year to feel ok-ish and longer to find my footing and independence. although it was very painful I can say without question that it does pass eventually and there can be good things ahead but you gotta believe in that and claim it for yourself.
Thank you for your message. I think that, I thought that, if there is a problem, if there are many problems, adult people can speak together and trying to solve them. In my case the solution has been, I repeat, to throw me in the trash, saying less ore more ďif you now create problems to me and to my new relationship [with a liar and betrayer, our friend) I will ruin you and your lifeĒ.
I cannot believe it even now, I cannot believe as a person could be bad. How my husband, that I knew since we were very young, has grown up with such a rage. It has been a horror movie. But...
Iím learning there are so many people in that way, Iím really sorry. I wonder how they could be happy in their life.
Now Iím not very happy, because I would like to spend my time with someone, to do everything beautiful with someone, and I do not. But in the future...
Iím not changed. I donít feel anger towards people and men, Iím generous as I was before, Iíve patience, I love others.
Only Iíve to remove the envy. Itís sad, but they have a lot of possibilities and they are a couple...instead Iím alone and with some issues. Itís not fair, but I feel envy for them, even if Iím thinking that Iíll never desire such people in my life, on my way. I feel also anger towards them.
Please give me some suggestions to heal from envy and anger.
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