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Do I dont have any nightmares. I just get real irritated when someone acts like crackhead over something I am doing to them. They dont have any control. Maybe this is nothing and I just dont stupid faces s turn on.
Some men and women respond to intimate pleasure with intense vocal and physical expressions. Some people have the opposite response as well, where you have no idea whether they are feeling good, bad, or nothing. Many other people are somewhere between those two extremes.

Let your next partner know that expressions like this bother you. Make sure that he is okay with this, before getting too involved with him, especially if physical intimacy is important to you and your potential partner.

As far as understanding your repulsions, I think there is something unconscious going on with you, most likely from your past, but it is hiding from view, probably to protect you from being overwhelmed. That is my impression anyway, but I could be wrong.
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