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Originally Posted by Fuzzybear View Post
I've been hurt so many times by people I trusted. IRL. I won't go into details. I've decided to return to my old "coping" mechanism, of isolation. Don't get close, don't agree to talk to anyone every day, don't share who you really are. Dont care "too much".
This is in Real Life, (3D) I've known people there who have used and hurt me emotionally. I think they think I'm easy to hurt.
Dear, Sweet Fuzzy, I also have been hurt, and am still being hurt, even in my own home. I isolate as much as I can get away with. I tried to get out yesterday. I showered, dressed, fed the dogs, I did everything I needed to do, to be able to get out. When it came down to it, the 3 people that I felt comfortable enough to get out to see, had other plans. It took a lot for me to even want to go somewhere, but it was not meant for me to get out. My point to you is that you are not alone, there are many of us. I can't even get away from the ones that are in MY HOME!!!!!!!! (((((((LOVE, THOUGHTS, BIG HUGS, and PRAYERS)))))))
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