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Default The feeling of falling out of love after the hyper focused courtship

I am new to writing in a forum but I am seeking help with my ex-boyfriend who has ADHD. We fell fast and hard which now after much research, I realize seems to be the norm with those who have ADHD. He was very quickly the man of my dreams and I am very much in love with him. Recently he suddenly ended things saying he just wasnít ďin loveĒ with me. He says he loves me, he loves our time together and we have so much in common and wonderful physical chemistry. He says I did nothing wrong and heís had this happen before but he canít explain why. As you can imagine this came as a huge shock and Iíve been searching for answers, answers I didnít think I would find until I started to research ADHD and relationships. The hyper focus courtship describes our relationship on the nose. I guess my question is this, could he still be in love and just not realize it is the ADHD that has made him feel out of love. Has anyone had experience with this and with communication were you able to get that feeling of love back? I am very understanding and patient and realize it is not me but the symptoms that may be causing this. How do I move forward? Do I talk to him about it? He manages his ADHD in terms of work and life very well but I donít think heís focused on how it has affected his relationships. There is just too much good in our relationship to just give up
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