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Default Re: AvPD and Youtube.

Originally Posted by Snap66 View Post
I think people would be surprised to what AvPD actually is.
AvPD is so noticeable to me bc I can recognise the little things like a signature.

Just because you can speak the language, just because you can do all the gestures if you're not born and live there, then your trying to be something your not.
Its the same with AvPD. People can say and believe they have AvPD but if it's not their primary/core diagnoses then they're only believing something their not.
Living a lie and trying to sell it to those with the actual disorder.
Unluckily, this is the outcome, misleading people who have the disorder even when I would bet itís not their intention.
At least, they donít have an you-tube channel. :-)
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