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Default Re: Separation - Financial Issues- Filing Taxes

Originally Posted by healingme4me View Post
Do you need to shop around for a cpa together? If not, in searching for a new one, bring up this concern to see what can be done?
Thanks. Yes, I was wondering what other people have done in this situation. First, I don't know if one needs two CPA's. But if not, I would need to ask the CPA to keep any information to himself, except as limited by whatever would need to be produced when we both sign the tax forms. But I would obviously need to do this without her knowing, which in turn would cause this new CPA some ethical angst, like it apparently did the old one. Even though I am not "putting anything over" on the wife, the CPA may have issues, as he is not familiar with the overall details of the situation. And of course the more I tell him, as an explanation for why this needs to be confidential, the more he may think I am in fact trying to do something sneaky--when all I'm trying to do is keep my side of the situation confidential.
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