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Default Re: FLOAT TANKS- anyone else tried them? Thoughts?

Originally Posted by Skeezyks View Post
I've never done this. But, years ago, I used to do some traveling related to my work & I'd sometimes stay at motels that had pools. When I did, one of my favorite things to do was to go down to the pool later in the evening when it was deserted, get into the pool, & float. I'd simply float around-&-around the pool. It was so-o-o... relaxing...
Yes!!! Water maybe that's what it is?

Just wonder water because you reminded me of pools are a very relaxing thing for me too! Pools have helped out my body a lot, but getting into a pool that's open or with other people is very difficult for me.
I remember physical therapy in the group pool was easier because I was hurt and the people were older.. idk why older people made me feel safer.

In 2017 I was able to get into the apartment pool when no one else was in it... but this 2018 summer i just had issues doing that

I think with the capsule (I hope I am using the right word) it is solitary.. which I really like
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