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Default FLOAT TANKS- anyone else tried them? Thoughts?

Float tanks, those odd little water capsules that One gets into and float in. Anyone else go to them?

I have done them off and on for the last few years. Sometimes I feel better in some sense but other times I am not sure. I realize for some people this may be 0% help, but wonders if others may find some help with this.

My last therapist mentioned that it's a valid form of relief for my ptsd bipolar anxiety etc. She knew another therapist that she knew that went to a float tank regularly to assist with their stress.

Also I've been informed that it may assist with my physical issues with my muscles and back pain ((if it doesn't help mentally I have noticed it helps with my back which is one great thing if nothing else)).
There was one time that I couldn't shut the capsule door, just couldn't because i get afraid of complete darkness sometimes but that's ok. Other times I shut the door with no issues

I just wanted to reach out and inquire, or perhaps put this out there for another.. if you thought about it but haven't been sure-- i think try it out and see if it's for you.

I was there at one time, unsure; and guess still am to a point, but hey it's helped a few times for me.
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