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Unhappy Adult ADHD ?

Hi All,
I m an adult male of 31 years age. Here is my problem.

I used to be very very focused in studies (when i was 18-22years) and was very eager, curious and ambitious in my career work.

From past 4-5 years i got diluted. Slowly and steadily i have gotten into this "Let it go" attitude.

And from past 1 year i have high difficulty in focusing on anything.
Initially, i tried playing video games on computer and get the false sense of achievement.
I m not a regular alcohol consumer but in last 6-8 months i started going out ALONE to consume alcohol to feel good.
I m not a one-man person sexually, but in last 1 year i have met 30 women - and engaged in causal sex which i m not proud of.
All these things, happened in last 1 year when my wife is away from me for her delivery of our baby.

My problem is that i m not able to focus on anything for more than few mins
The video games which i got addicted to also is not giving my any sense of thrill. Neither is causal sex, nor alcohol.
All those addictions or tasks i did to get the momentary thrill, impulsively and i m not able to control that urge to try them again and again.
Recently, i have become so vulnerable that when my wife leaves house for work (she is back with me now) i instantly get the urge to have causal sex or play video game or masturbate or something else..which gives momentary thrill , but at the end of that act, i m neither happy nor thrilled.
It's just getting very very bad. It has already effected my profession (work) and personal life a bit ( i m not taking enough responsibility at home with family).

Is this ADHD ?
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