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Originally Posted by LiteraryLark View Post
I'd by lying if I said it was. Semen is no different than any other bodily fluid, and should be treated as with most bodily fluids, semen is a healthy and natural bodily fluid and is only "unhealthy" if you are sick, have an STD, or have an infection.

I was the same way with germs and it took over my life for many years. Taking out the trash was overwhelming. I had to give away a pet snake because I had to thoroughly "decontaminate" if I touched it. The only way I got over it was to physically touch the objects I assumed were germy and force myself to go as long as I could without washing my hands, and eventually I'd touch my face and put germy hands in my mouth just to say I could. After about 2-3 years, I was "back to normal".

I would say in your case, you'll have to do the same. I'd purposefully ejaculate into your hand so you could hold it, feel it, study it, play with it in your hand...for acceptance. I think in the beginning stages, just keeping it in your hand as long as you can is a good start, but I think eventually you should ejaculate and eat your semen...It's not the most pleasant taste, but most sexually active women swallow, and as a man, you're doing this to get over a fear, and to get over fear is empowerment.

EDIT: It sounds like the most bizarre way to get over your fear, but if you want to get over it, you have to physically face it.
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