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Default Re: who at the school is contacted during a CPS case?

CPS interviews the child, the person who filed the report, and any other adults that might have direct knowledge of the particular incident. Thatís about it. As mandatory reporters, the case has to be filed personally. As a teacher, I cannot simply report suspicions to the counselor or principal and have them file the report; I must file the report myself. My identity is kept anonymous for this very reason. Parents are not privy to exactly who filed the report if that person prefers to remain anonymous. I wouldnít worry too much about it. When we file a report it is to express out concerns, not to make an accusation. Often, we really arenít sure what is going on; we have a concern based on something we have seen in the childís appearance or behavior or something they have shared with us. Our concern is the childís welfare. It is up to CPS to investigate those concerns and make a decision on whether any intervention is needed.
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