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Default Mild Cognitive Impairments

Back in 2015 I was diagnosed with MCI after a psychologist ran some tests on me. I was 30 at the time. How someone my age managed to develop MCI, that was not explained to me. When I gave the report to my neurologist he took one look at me and told me the assessment had been wrong because I was too young for such impairments. But I struggle daily with an impaired memory and some minor cognitive impairments. The memory is honestly the worst. The psychologist's report said my mind functions as if I'm 60 years old. I also seem to have amnesia about my past, though I never officially sought a diagnosis. I don't recall enormous chunks of my past. Some years are black spots that I can only recall a fragment of memories from if anything. I hardly remember who I use to be before going into remission.

My memory is an endless frustration. I still haven't gotten down how to best live/function with an impaired memory. I still forget and lose things. Like how many times I misplaced my keys or student ID when I was at school. I had to write down on a small white board on my wall when my classes were in the morning and which days because otherwise I'd get them switched or confused. Or forget altogether. I had extensive study and memorization techniques just so I could do well in classes (which worked! But it was hard work).

I have the biggest heart and a beautiful soul, but I think I drive people crazy with my memory issues. And I honestly don't mean to. I forget conversations, and to do small things that eventually tick people off. And I swear I never mean to.... It's difficult because I have an above average IQ, but the psychologist who gave me this assessment advised me not to return to college because "not everyone has the IQ to do school". I proved him wrong by excelling in my classes this semester. And that having MCI doesn't mean you are academically incapable.
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