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Default Re: Any Idea Welcomed

Originally Posted by whispershadow View Post
Over here in the UK there's over the counter slimming pills but idk how good they are, I've never used them.

(((((Laurie))))) I hope you can find something that works for you

Thank you, dear ws.

Yes, we have them here, too. They are stimulants, which scares me a bit with regard to anxiety. My pdoc mentioned that stimulants can cause a manic episode, but so what? I mean, I don't get so manic that I'll do something crazy...for one thing, I have $10 in my bank account, so nowhere to access money to fly to Korea or whatever. And I won't do anything that will leave my cats in danger.

Anxiety scares me, but if that happens, I can just stop the pills.

If my GP won't prescribe anything to help, I'm going to look into OTC help.
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