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I'm in the same position but not from seriquel. My doctor tried to work with me but I'm in the but no that won't work. He suggested swimming but the only place here has no HC parking near the door...the place is not really assessable at all and just getting into the building with my back pain is a problem. Not to mention I'm very self counsels about my weight and using a locker room! He did try to Rx but my insurance wouldn't cover the meds which are the most effective. I did go on metaformin but only lost 10 lbs then regained 5. I've kept track of my eating and while not the healthiest my accual calories aren't that high but my metabolism sucks big time. Pain keeps me from wanting to do much like walking, after a half block it gets painful quick. I don't even go to malls any more cause there's not carts to hold on to and the malls are just too big. So in a viscous circle I do less which slows my metabolism even more.
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