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Default Re: could this be borderline personality disorder?

Originally Posted by detour1 View Post
I need a little help i work in a school setting and do have learning disabilities. okay but i have a problem i have a little obsession for a another student. i only say hi and fist bump i am 23 and don't know how old he is. so i do have visuals clues i did make with boardmaker. only say hi fist bump. what should i do? i know this is pretty strange
your title question....could this be borderline personality disorder?

Im sorry but we cant answer that for you. only you and your doctors can say whether you have a mental disorder or not or if something could be a mental disorder in you.

what I can tell you in me what this would be called.

in me this would be called building a friendship, or having a crush or interest in someone but not a mental disorder in me.

for me its normal for me to be attracted to others, to say hi and shake hands or fist bump someone. for me this is just normal interactions that human being do around here in my city and towns and state.

to find out if this is a mental disorder in you you will need to contact your doctors. they will be able to tell you what this is in you.
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