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Default Re: Returning to University with mental illness

Originally Posted by seal View Post
As a current college student myself, I can attest to the fact that you are certainly not the only one struggling to manage. A lot of young kids nowadays feel the pressure to 'do it all' while making it look easy which is often not the case so try not to be deceived/be too hard on yourself. I also struggle with low self-esteem, which can be tough to manage when you're constantly being tested/graded/pushed, it helps for me to focus on the small victories and remind myself that the only way to improve is to fail a few times.

Your age provides you with a unique perspective and different experiences that the younger students do not have, an advantage that I am sure will show through positively in your work if you embrace and allow it. It was a big and very important step when I realized that comparing my accomplishments and goals with those of the students around me was only discouraging me, but rather embracing my background and how far I have come makes me feel a bigger sense of accomplishment and the sense that all of my hard work is indeed paying off.

Best of luck
Good for you, Seal!! Only compare yourself to you! You see your improvements first hand. Congratulations!!
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