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Default Re: Sexual relationship with T

Originally Posted by Parva View Post
The APA and every state ethics board disagrees with this sentiment, as does the research.
Ok, first of all, I'm from Europe, so state ethics board in not valid in here, there are different laws, but still we say 2 year period between therapy ending and relationship is the minimum. That being said, I understand that generally it is like You say and I agree it should be. There are different relations, different therapists, different states of minds though. Sometimes the consciousness of a client is bigger, sometimes it's really very small and related to some child trauma's.

That's why I generally agree with You. I only say that in my situation, if I did some move on him after the therapy ends, I would take the responsibility and I would not report my T. I won't do it because I am conscious it wouldn't be ethical for him and wouldn't be good for me.
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