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Default Re: really weird fantasy about my therapist

I never had explicit fantasies like that about Ts (I only had male Ts and when I had sexual fantasies, they were regular adult stuff or things that fit more in my trend of mentor and twinship transference pattern) but heard them often. Even in everyday life, I asked people who are sexually aroused by women's breasts (often men) why the breast affects them that way at all. People often say it has to do with feelings of maternal type caring and comfort. I also don't think it is weird at all or unusual in any way. I am bisexual and when I fantasize about other women and their body, it does not feel consciously maternal, more that I find them visually appealing or the idea of the touch pleasant. But I did have a few women in my life whom I could easily associate, based on their personality qualities, with a more ideal mother image compared with the mother I had in reality. I usually find this aspect appealing and not disturbing. I think this could have happened to me in therapy as well had I worked with female Ts of the type that fit in that pattern.
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