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Default Re: My T Wants Me To Find New Fantasies

I watched the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 tonight. Netflix didn't have the first one, and I wasn't going to rent it online on a tiny computer, I've seen enough big bits and pieces of the first one to technically say I've seen the whole thing. So I watched the second one tonight on the big screen.

Not only is Chris Pratt insanely hot, but so is his leading lady Gamora. She's strikingly sexy, but I focused mostly on Chris Pratt and thought to myself "Either I'm going to be the person they pick up along the way and befriend, or I'll role play Gamora and Quill and imagine myself as Gamora."

Today when I went to Fred Meyer, I imagined bumping into Chris Pratt, and I imagined him asking me where to find something. I imagined what it would be like if I was a cashier and Chris Pratt came into my line. I imagined all kinds of things in Fred Meyer revolving around Chris Pratt.

See, the thing is, I can't just say "Chris Pratt is so hot, I'll masturbate to him". It truly is like extensive dating, and that's what's great about musicians and actors. You can listen to the music and watch the movies over and over, and you get to know them that way and you'll fall in love...but for me, it's certainly not overnight. But unf! his leather jacket...*swoons*
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