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Blush really weird fantasy about my therapist

I have a mix of maternal and erotic transference for my therapist. I'm so embarrassed about the main fantasy, which is for her to cuddle me like a baby and breastfeed me. Sometimes sexual with her touching me at the same time (or me touching myself), but sometimes just innocently holding me in a loving way and falling asleep like that. Even in my other fantasies she's maternal or at least dominant. I don't actually imagine myself 'as a baby', just a submissive adult to a fake "mummy" figure.

I otherwise don't have a breastfeeding kink or adultbaby kink or anything like that. I had to get this off my chest. While I'm prepared to tell my T I have sexual feelings for her, there's noooo way I could imagine talking about specific fantasies or even mentioning her breasts.

Anyway, who wants to attempt psychoanalysing this one for me?
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