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Default Re: Brother not getting help he needs?

Originally Posted by 2daffodils View Post
You seem to have a bit of an attitude towards doctors, imho. Just my observation. "quacks?", yet you are upset with your mother about your brother. That is her child, not yours. If she sent him to a neurologist, I think that was the best she could do. I think it's fine you suggested it once, but it is not your responsibility to go further, I'm not trying to upset you, but possibly you should release yourself from this burden you feel to try to help your brother? Also, being overweight is not what causes type 2 diabetes. It's fluctuating the amount of food, from too little at a meal to too much at another. Best wishes.
One doctor worked for an abusive pyschaitric hospital that abused me. If he was so great and all that, then why didnít he stop the abuse from happening at the hospital instead of turning the other way? The therapist has medical issues and cannot hear very well and spends most of the sessions half asleep. So yes. These doctors seem a bit off to me. Iím just concerned since my dad died from diabetes and my mom has it too. It runs in my family and I think she should at least get him checked out.
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